Saturday, June 23, 2012


When I found the stack of little oil still lifes, I culled the worst and called what was left the 'short stack' in my last post. I asked for votes about which one to post on DPW next and Artichokes won. Then, I started looking at the orange slices thinking I could certainly improve on them so here they are, on my easel Saturday morning.

When I worked in colored pencil, my subject was always still life. I did that for a dozen years and it was also about a dozen years ago that I changed mediums (to pastel) and began to paint landscapes. Now, here I am, painting a little still life again but this time in oil. And, I have to say, Woohoo, what fun! I may have to do more of this.


  1. Thank you Pam! This was fun. I just posted it on Daily Paintworks where one can view it with a magnifier.