Sunday, October 14, 2012

pondering, photographing

Each evening, my husband and I play a game of cards at the round oak table in my Studio. From where I sit, I can ponder the work on my easel. Today I worked on this painting and tonight I will ponder it over his shoulder. I already see a couple changes...

Meanwhile, I received an email asking how I photograph my work so I'll add a little about that here. My camera is a couple years old but I love it: Panasonic Lumix FZ35. You should really use a tripod when you shoot your work. I don't anymore. You should really use special lights too. I don't anymore. Make sure you understand the White Balance on your camera and set it accordingly if you are shooting in the studio under lights or outside in the shade. I do use a Kodak Color Control bar (primarily used for printers in reproducing your work true-to-color) for all the color adjustments in Photoshop.  The thinking is that if the color bar looks correct, so is the color of the painting. I use Photoshop to square-up the image (transform> skew or distort). For more information about photographing artwork, just Google it - there is professional advice out there that is better than mine.

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