Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I thought the process of my resolution for this painting might be interesting to you. I took a photo of the image and printed it out. Then, with actual art in front of me, I made notes on the photo of corrections I planned to make. I had just begun to work on the sky when a friend called. As our conversation was winding down, I walked back over to the painting and began again with a blue pastel in the upper right corner. One thing led to another and as we chatted, I added the blue into several other areas of the painting. It wasn't one of the notes on my plan but once my attention was on the phone call, my intuition took over and the addition was a good idea. A good phone conversation might be one of the things to add to the list of tools for resolution of a painting.

Below is "September Side Road," 22 x 17 inches. I have posted this image on my DailyPaintworks Gallery so you can use the magic magnifier to see the details. CLICK HERE.

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