Monday, December 31, 2012

big-deal news

I have big-deal news to end 2012 and to start 2013.

To my amazement, I just learned that my painting, "Heartbreak Morning" received enough votes on Katherine Tyrrell's Making a Mark blog to be declared Best Portrayal of a Place 2012!

But wait...there's more. By SEVEN, votes I also received the award titled Best Picture on an Art Blog in 2012! I can't begin to explain all that went into the process of these awards. To learn more, please take a moment to visit Making a Mark by clicking the link in the previous paragraph.

Thank you Katherine Tyrrell for nominating my painting.  I also want to thank all who voted for me - especially those special SEVEN!

Being an artist is a solitary occupation, especially now that I no longer teach. Sometimes I just need to connect with others and I do that primarily through this Art Journal blog and Facebook. Thanks to all who read my blog and take a moment to send me a word of support or a 'like'  or comment on Facebook. Hearing from you helps make my day. Happy New Year!


  1. Barbara, words can't express my joy at hearing this news for you! What a great honor, and it is so deserved. You put your heart and soul into the making of each beautiful piece, and it is thrilling that so many people recognized your efforts. Congratulations, my friend!

  2. Thank you Carol. I have some wonderful winter reference photos of the Arboretum to paint from. I hope I can do them justice. It is cold here today (and damp). Enjoy your weather!

  3. Congratulations Barbara, a well-deserved honor! Happy New Year!

  4. That IS a Big Deal! Congratulations! It is always a joy to see what you are doing. Thanks!