Monday, August 5, 2013

mind's eye painting

You may know that I have a habit of washing off pastel paintings and reworking them from the ghost-image up. This time, I cut up an old painting to make four small paintings.

I love the color palette of the original painting but to use those colors, I have to find the actual pastel sticks again. It's trial and error by sampling color on a piece of white paper. When I have a color match, the pastel stick goes into a small container. The next step is to brush off as much of the color as possible from the original painting. This leaves a ghost-image.

I have no idea where the reference photo is for this scene of our driveway but I am spending these weeks painting from memory so I don't need it. The scene that I paint from my mind's eye may look quite different from the driveway or the ghost-image.

I have blogged a little about memory or mind's eye painting and will continue to do so but my friend Tom Weinkle saved me a lot of typing with his clearly written post today (August 4) about planning a painting. The way I am painting now is one step further away from planning. It is more about discovery.

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