Saturday, August 3, 2013

my new pal?

Here's a shot of my new plein air pal...the Pastel Porter. It arrived yesterday (an award from the recent PSWC show). I had a chance to chat with the creator at the IAPS Convention about his entire product line. This Jumbo Junior size looks like a great way to transport pastels for plein air work. I look forward to trying it!


  1. Congratulations on winning the Pastel Porter™ Box and thanks for the shout out. I hope you enjoy it. Your photo shows quite a contrast between the Porter Box holding the pastels securely in individual slots as opposed to the pastels laying loose and rubbing against one another. Sorry, couldn't help making the comparison.

    I love your blog and particularly appreciated your "Reworked Paintings" page. Great idea and wonderful example of the versatility of pastels.
    Mike Mahon

  2. Thanks for your comment Mike and also for your generous award.

    The pastels you see beneath the Porter Box in my photo are stationary in my studio. When I take pastels plein air, they are always in a foam divided box. However, I have seen other artists transport pastels without dividers. Maybe they carefully wipe off each pastel before using?