Friday, September 6, 2013

step 9 - complete with details

Step 9 - Complete with Details
The last step of my work is to add details. I believe that a good painting should be 95% complete before adding details (see above).  Details can never save a mediocre painting.
Before beginning detail work ask yourself if you have a strong composition. Do you have the range of values that is appropriate to the story you want to tell? Once you have a pleasing composition and good value placement, you can review your color. It has been said that value does the work and color gets the glory. It matters less what exact color you use than the value of that color. Any number of colors in the same value range will do the job but some will do it with more vigor than others.

The marks you make for your detail work are very important because these are the strokes the viewer will look at first. For that reason, put detail only in strategic areas to do a job: to lead the eye around the painting or to tell the story. Your detail marks must be confident. Tentative marks of detail have a labored and tense look.
 Follow Your Heart  |  pastel  | 10.5 x 12 inches


  1. Bravissima, i tuoi quadri arrivano direttamente al cuore.
    Ciao dall'Italia

  2. Thank you for the wonderful demo and lovely examples.
    I'm just beginning with pastels and these demos are very generous!

  3. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for your nice comments. I looked at your art blog. You are having a very good beginning with pastel!