Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Smile at your painting

Toward Evening, pastel, 10 x 8 inches sold
You may remember Toward Evening from my summer post about reworking a painting from a ghost. HOW TO PASTEL. Today is a special day in part because this painting has found it's rightful home. I will be shipping it to L.M. in CT. Many thanks!

I love this painting and I loved the painting it was before it became Toward Evening. With this post I want to remind you to love your work. When a painting on my easel comes together in a pleasing way, I love it because I am bringing into the physical world an impression and emotion that I want to express. With surprise and appreciation for what just happened, I say to myself, "I love that!"

I think this reaction makes my studio a welcoming place for more good things to happen as I paint. And, I believe self-doubt and frowning at your painting-in-progress does not do either of you (you or the painting) any good.

Acknowledge the parts of the painting you love, brush off your labored areas and repaint them. Smile at your painting.


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