Monday, February 27, 2017

Gamblin Gamvar

Rock Creek Winter, oil, 8 x 10 inches

The two things on my calendar today are 1) Finish tax prep for meeting with our accountant and 2) Apply the final varnish to my oil painting Rock Creek Winter so I can send it off to its new home. I was dreading spending the day working on taxes in a cloud of varnish fumes but I found a new bottle of Gamblin Gamvar. Nearly odorless and I love the semi-gloss finish. I'm having a cozy rainy/snowy Northwest  day in the studio.

Here is a link to a YouTube Video on how to apply this varnish.


  1. Never heard of Gambling Gamvar. This is a fixative for pastel?

    1. This is an oil painting. Sorry I forgot to add the caption - it's there now.

  2. Hi, I think Tammy was asking if Gamblin Gamvar was a fixative. It sounds like it's a varnish to protect the painting at the end of painting it. I've never heard of it either though. I'm wondering where it would be available.
    By the way, your pastel tutorials are amazing! I learned an enormous amount about how to make the kind of marks I wanted with pastels. I'm new to this medium and to say I'm clumsy would be an understatement! lol!
    Thank you so much for posting them!
    Debbie Ott, Canada

    1. Thanks Debbie. By my short reply to Tammy, I guess you can tell I'm working on taxes. Taking a break from them, here is the long answer:
      No, Gamblin Gamvar is a varnish. Varnish goes on oil (which this painting is but I forgot to add the caption - it is added now). And, I have added a link to a YouTube video showing how to apply the varnish. I got it from Dick Blick online. Regarding a pastel fixative, I have various cans but rarely use it because it affects the color. Thanks again Tammy and Debbie.