Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

On the easel today, Twilight II, pastel, 6x6 inches. It began with an oil wash then pastel. I took it to my Friday afternoon painting group and put pastel on and wiped it off for a couple hours. Back in the studio I did the same. Finally, to avoid ripping it up, I punched it up with blue Nupastel, a warm violet Unison and a warm white Terry Ludwig and then I turned it around and walked away believing I would be throwing it away the next time I saw it. But, apparently, absence makes the heart grow fonder because after four days of gardening I'm back in the studio and my first impression is hmmmm....instead of aaarghhh. There might be hope.

3/25/17 The rest of the story... There was hope, then no hope. Back and forth. I finally had to admit that the Ersta 500 paper was kaput (broken and useless; no longer working or effective) and I trashed it.

How this painting on the image to view the videos.


  1. Hi Barbara
    I just read your commentary on the Ersta paper disaster:-). Someone told me that Ersta will NOT take any liquids. Is that what happened to you? I did try to apply some liquid (alcohol) and it seemed to wash off the sanded surface. I have not tried anything else.
    Do you use Ersta paper frequently?
    Randall K.

  2. Hi Randall, I wonder if the person you spoke with was thinking of LaCarte instead of Ersta?

    I work with Ersta occasionally and will until my supply runs out. My understanding is that it is no longer produced but that it is similar to UArt. I have used an oil wash and alcohol on the Ersta I have and it seems to do fine. The sanded surface does not fall off (as LaCarte does). My Twilight II painting went through the repeated torture of being brushed off at least 10 times. I think that act, not the oil wash, is what caused it's demise.