Thursday, March 9, 2017

Checking up on myself

Left, Color Study 6x6 inches                Right, 25x25 inch pastel in progress
Switching my eyes and brain from my 6x6 inch color study to the 25x25 inch pastel on my easel requires stepping back, leaving the room, reentering with my eyes on the easel, etc. Another tool is to photograph the work in progress (shown above on right) and place the photo beside the photo of the color study with both the same size. Now I can see some shapes and compositional signposts I need to correct in the larger painting.

An even more useful look is comparing the two paintings as value only. Without the distraction of color, this comparison is very helpful for composition and directional elements. It's good to check up on myself so I stay on track with what I'm trying to accomplish.


  1. Perfect timing Barbara...I'm painting kayaks larger from a study and had forgotten to take a couple photos of the scene so I'm having to rely completely on my memory two years ago and the study piece. Funny how a small study can sometimes say more than a larger piece...I didn't think about turning the images into black and white...will definitely try that out!

  2. Thank you for sharing your strategy to see things more clearly. The black and white really helps with the values. I definitely need to try this great example. Have a good week.