Sunday, September 3, 2017

Infatuation in oil

Infatuation 2017, oil, 18x18 inches


Infatuation 2004, watercolor 12x15 inches
The original "Infatuation" was a watercolor painting. As a reference for my oil painting, I cropped the photo of it to a square format. Around 2002, I began using watercolor but before painting this one, I always added colored pencil on top of the watercolor foundation. This one was my first watercolor-only painting and I was fortunate to have it on the showcard for the NWWS exhibit and purchased from that show. Private Collection.

To identify areas that need adjusting, I use a grayscale image. I make the adjustment in Photoshop and then go back to my painting and paint the correction. In this case, I felt I needed additional value or weight in the red circled areas.

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