Thursday, October 12, 2017

Paradise Altered

My last post was about a painting I created for a specific venue - a new cookbook. In that post I mentioned a previous cookbook by the same author. Today the author let me know that she is doing a little revision work on the first book and do I have any paintings of Mount Rainier. Well, yes I do - I have painted Mount Rainier once. The painting titled "April in Paradise" has been hanging at my sister's home for years (I guess I gave it to her). For those who aren't familiar with Washington, Paradise is a visitor site near Mount Rainier and it was April when we visited. Below is the image I am submitting for the book Beauty and Bounty, Mount Rainier by Lynn Adams.

Paradise 2017, pastel 8x8 inches
What luck that it is the square format that she needs. Ha! It wasn't. But since I have a high resolution image of the painting and PhotoShop Elements it has become what is needed. Below is what the original painting that hangs on my sister's wall, looks like.

April in Paradise 2008, pastel, 16 x 11 inches
I cropped a little off the top, pulled the sides out a fraction and distorted the lower half (foreshortened it) to a square format. I hold the copyright so I can do this. This is one way to recycle your old paintings that hang on your family walls. 

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