Saturday, December 2, 2017

Rethinking teaching...again

My final Private Session for the year was introduction to oil painting with Reneé. After reviewing supplies, we painted together for a few hours. Fun! We worked from my reference photo and painted a high-key and a low key version of the same scene.
Reneé painting in oil for the first time.
My two 80% complete paintings from the session with Reneé.
I'm always trying to find balance in my life and I know I paint best when I feel like painting - which isn't all the time. Recently I have started knitting again and find it the perfect activity for the hours when I have run out of creative energy. And soon, it will be time to garden again  - yay!

In 2016, I taught a 3-day fully-booked workshop for the NWPS. Very fun but more than I want to do again.

In 2017, I taught private sessions geared specifically for each student. I spent weeks before the session thinking about how I could best assist and advise and I was pleased with each day of mentoring but now I'm thinking about the best way I can connect with artists in 2018.

I'm starting to think Open Studio. I've never been to one or held one but I'm envisioning up to 4 students working in my Studio for a few hours on a weekday on their own project, in the medium of their choice. I would circulate each 1/2 hour to help/advise each student. I think this would start out as a one-day-a-month event. The part I like is that other than cleaning my house and making muffins and tea for students, there wouldn't be any preparation because each student would be working on what they brought. 

Hmmm...I'm thinking about it. Email me if you would like to be on my mailing list about this. Barbara Newton at Comcast dot Net. My Studio is in Black Diamond, WA.

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