Sunday, November 4, 2018

Night time advice

Night time advice: never go to bed with an empty easel (unless you are taking a break from painting).

With the switch back to Standard Time today and early evening darkness I was ready to go to bed at 7 pm but I knew if I left my easel empty it would be easy to NOT paint tomorrow morning. So, though I'd rather be in bed reading my book, I printed my reference photo in color and grayscale and began.

Oil wash on Ersta 500 sanded paper. By morning this wash will be dry and ready for pastel. I'll be glad I made myself do this.


  1. I'm interested in why you use oil wash rather than pastel or watercolor. I''m not an oil painter, so I don't have oils. But I always like your oil underpinnings. I'd love to know more about that. Thanks for your posts,

  2. The answer is I like oil. Watercolor uses water which not all papers can tolerate. Every paper I've tried (but not LaCarte) can tolerate OMS (Gamsol). And as for alcohol, it just doesn't feel right to me and I don't care for the results. I love oil-wash.