Tuesday, May 18, 2010

life goes on

Once again, I went too far and lost the spontaneity of this piece. After painting on it for a day, I turned it upside down and began again. I am finding this process of going too far and starting again is now my usual modus operandi. Then I come to a time when I ask myself if I am stuck or finished. At one point this piece felt like it was flying apart. I added connectors to hold it together. Then I felt the value range wasn't broad enough - it needed more darks and more lights. Now I'm content and life goes on. I have posted it with my recent work.


  1. Barbara, I am SO glad your blog is back up and running. I have missed getting these emails with your beautiful art. LOVE the title of this piece: it could be a WHOLE series of work, for all of us artists! This painting does NOT look like a struggle to me. It is beautiful and a delight. Cheers, Nancy R.

  2. And I'm so happy that you and so many others took the trouble to subscribe to this new journal. I may never know why the feed to the other one quit working.Thanks for your nice comments!