Friday, October 27, 2017

Another breakthrough

Another acrylic breakthrough...well, every acrylic painting that survives in my studio is a breakthrough because I am so at odds with that medium. This was the best experience yet. No water, just medium mixed with the paint. The process was actually enjoyable and I'm pleased with the result. And, I finally got back to the three small oils that have been on my easel for weeks. One of the three survived.
Monday's Child, Acrylic, 6x6 inches.  2017
Blue Bowl, oil, 6x6 inches. 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Paradise Altered

My last post was about a painting I created for a specific venue - a new cookbook. In that post I mentioned a previous cookbook by the same author. Today the author let me know that she is doing a little revision work on the first book and do I have any paintings of Mount Rainier. Well, yes I do - I have painted Mount Rainier once. The painting titled "April in Paradise" has been hanging at my sister's home for years (I guess I gave it to her). For those who aren't familiar with Washington, Paradise is a visitor site near Mount Rainier and it was April when we visited. Below is the image I am submitting for the book Beauty and Bounty, Mount Rainier by Lynn Adams.

Paradise 2017, pastel 8x8 inches
What luck that it is the square format that she needs. Ha! It wasn't. But since I have a high resolution image of the painting and PhotoShop Elements it has become what is needed. Below is what the original painting that hangs on my sister's wall, looks like.

April in Paradise 2008, pastel, 16 x 11 inches
I cropped a little off the top, pulled the sides out a fraction and distorted the lower half (foreshortened it) to a square format. I hold the copyright so I can do this. This is one way to recycle your old paintings that hang on your family walls. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Log Cabin Resort

"Log Cabin Resort," 2017 pastel, 8x8 inches

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Lynn Adams, author of Beauty and Bounty, Mount Rainier. She is working on a new cookbook focusing on Olympic National Park and Olympic Coastal Cuisine. She saw my work online and wondered if I had any paintings of the area. Nope. But the project caught my attention (my first child was born in Forks, Washington) so I was happy to try a painting from one of her photos.

Reference photo by Lynn Adams
I knew the format of the upcoming book would be square so I selected a square portion of a landscape shot. You have to look closely but the cabins are in the square.

Lynn Adams and my painting for her next book, Beauty and Bounty, A Celebration of Olympic National Park and Olympic Coastal Cuisine
Ms Adams spent many summers at her grandmother's farm on Whidbey Island crabbing, picking berries and shelling peas. Trips to Washington's National Parks were always included in the summer fun. 'We stayed in the rustic cabins at Sol Duc Hot Springs took in the views from Hurricane Ridge and hiked through the mossy Hot Rain Forest.'

The author is an enthusiastic home cook who studied at the Bon Vivant School of Cooking in Seattle. She resides in Sammamish, Washington with her husband and two children. The book is a road trip through the National Park via paintings by local artists that capture the beauty and essence of our national treasure. Along the way you will find recipes of the rich bounty from farms, orchards and waters of the Northwest. Publication date is early 2018, available on Amazon and at gift stores throughout Puget Sound.

Thanks for including my work, Lynn!