Thursday, May 2, 2019

How do we know?

Recently, I posted a sad story with a happy ending. Today, I'm posting additional happiness and asking the question, "How do we know that the bad thing that happened was bad?"

My painting, "Sanctuary" fell off the wall at a show and broke the frame, glass and mat. A bad thing, right? The painting was OK but I chose to wipe it off and paint another scene titled "One Fine Day". Here's a link to that post. I am very happy with the new painting which would never have been created (especially in this larger format) if not for the "bad" accident. And today, I have additional happiness.

For more than 25 years, I have been cutting my own glass and mats and ordering frames and raw materials from Jayeness Moulding in Seattle. When I ordered the replacement frame for this painting I asked about glass because I don't have a piece this large in the Studio (yes, please cut a piece of glass to fit the frame) and asked if they cut mat (YES!). I'm out of practice and I could visualize ruining an expensive piece of mat so I ordered a joined frame, cut glass and cut mat. YAY! All I have to do is add spacers and put it together. I'll do this from now on for larger format pastels. No stress, saves time.  "How do we know that the bad thing that happened was bad?"

Frame, mat and glass all done. Just add spacers and put it together.  Yay!