Monday, February 28, 2022

Every Day Mocha Moment

 In follow up to yesterday's post, here are the first two steps of today's painting. These paintings aren't completed in one day but I will need 10 - 12 of them in about 8 weeks so my goal is to start a new one each day or two. After the blue pastel pencil sketch, the acrylic foundation is next, then to the oil easel for a couple sessions. After that, each painting will sit (and dry) while I figure out what to do with it next. 

The blue pastel pencil sketch on freshly gessoed and sanded wood panel.

Acrylic block-in

Acrylic - value and color decisions. Now it is ready to go to the oil easel. Stay tuned. 

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

My Every Day Project

My horoscope today tells me to write my story and share it; add illustrations. So, here I am this Sunday morning to share the backstory of my latest series, Every Day. This project will take me into gardening season so I have about 6 weeks to develop it. It is a body of work of every day still life scenes from where I live, Mill Pond Cottage

Each of us has had an opportunity over the past two years of COVID to enjoy more time in our personal spaces - not just our studios but whatever encompasses what we call home. I believe it is important to express gratitude and appreciation for every-day small pleasures. For an artist, many of those pleasures are visual.

These still life paintings may be the lead-in to a series of interiors, something I've wanted to do for a few years. There just aren't enough hours and/or energy in the day and life gets in the way. Well, that's the my current story.

And, now a few illustrations. 

A simple moment from this morning. 

How I might crop the scene for a painting. 

And, here are two paintings-in-progress along with their reference photos.

"Most Days There Is An Avocado" oil in progress

"One of the Reasons I Drink Tea," acrylic foundation for oil painting

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