Thursday, November 17, 2022

Studio Tour


It’s a mini-studio! We moved and I gave up my 500 square foot studio. I’m learning how to compromise. As you enter, looking left is the little desk space I created for small acrylic work. Next comes my big Hughes easel with rolling wire rack to hold my French Mistress and oil paints in plastic jars, organized by color. A favorite tool is the Palette Garage (see it on top of the French Mistress). Stored behind the Hughes is my good old Soltek easel. Heavy but great for plein air work.

Turn to the right and you’re in the framing area. My table is a fold-out from Costco covered in a drop cloth and topped with indoor/outdoor carpeting. I’m grateful for the shelves already installed along this wall. Hard to see but framed paintings are stored beneath the shelves on the left. Art books are under the shelves on the right, watercolor palettes on the top shelf. Open Box M and Bitteroot Pochade are on this shelf. The wall above the table is where I organize paintings for shows so I can see how the body of work will look when hung together. 

Turn right again and you’re at the pastel work station. Two stainless steel tables hold pastels and two lazy-susans loaded with bottles and jars. My biggest challenge is lighting. We installed two new light fixtures and I have additional lamps but I’m still experimenting with light bulbs. Surprisingly (to me), I think I will love my mini-studio for painting. But there is no room for students or sanding panels or framing large pieces; that will have to happen in another building.