Tuesday, February 14, 2023


Throughout my many years of making art, I've frequently made notecards using my art images. This was usually for workshops I taught so students could have an inexpensive take-away example of my work. When my fancy Epson printer finally bit the dust - the one I used for prints and cards - I wasn't concerned about replacing it as it happened about the same time I retired from teaching big workshops. 

With our move back to Vashon Island, there are new opportunities. Swiftwater, the new local gallery, provides an opportunity to sell cards again. I created two cards of my Best of Show award winners and took them to the gallery last Sunday. Thanks to the nice woman who promptly purchased one of each!

"Edge of Winter" and "Heartbreak Morning" are two old favorites.
 I'm happy to see them back as notecards 
and amused about the little logo I created for the back of each card.