Saturday, October 15, 2022

A Little Problem

I'm very happy with my mini-studio. However, I do have a little problem. Well, sort of a big problem. I can't find my paintbrushes for oil and acrylic. They are all in one box marked "Brushes".  They must be among the boxes still in the garage but I have looked there many times with no luck.

My watercolor brushes and watercolor paint are in the studio and I am eyeing them because the early autumn pastoral scenes here are spectacular. Lovely browns and golds due to the lack of rain. I am contemplating what to do - should I go back to watercolor until I find my bushes? I even have a chair for contemplation in the Studio now that my office isn't in my studio for the first time. Hmmm...coincidentally, I have also hung one of my watercolor paintings in the studio. Go to the end of this post to see it.

The view East from my contemplation chair. 
Looking West. There's the chair I plan to sit in to contemplate life (art, what to make for dinner, etc.). You may notice that my pastel workstation has rotated so I'm not blocking either of the north-light windows.  

Out the east window is the garden. Today we have smoke from fires.

Out the west window is the little shed where all my panels and canvases are stored. Yes, I've looked in there for the brushes. Not there either!

"Trust," watercolor, ©2004 Barbara Benedetti Newton
Collection of the Artist

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Mini Studio Progress

I'm checking in on a beautiful early October day. We have been at our new location about 6 weeks and the house and property have taken most of our attention but in the last couple days it has been the mini studio!

The pastel workstation corner of the room is near completion. 

This is my MABEF easel with an Artist's Air filter attached to make my pastel workstation. I've arranged the stainless steel tables to form an U or alleyway for the pastel boxes. This formation has worked well for me before and is especially useful when you are working within a limited space.

I haven't figured out the studio lighting yet so for now, my two Ott lamps illuminate the pastels.

The best part! I found my two Lazy Susans and they hold an amazing number of supplies for all mediums.

I hope you are having wonderful end-of-summer, early fall days. My favorite time of year!