Monday, August 16, 2010

dancing marks

 With Mr. Handell's words whispering around my brain, I began my first painting since the workshop. I want to be careful like he is. And, my graphite sketch was. I was precise with the form of the trees and bushes; I indicated in graphite where my darkest values would be. Next, I put the painting on my easel and began a line drawing in a dark green oil paint wash. The first few strokes were careful. Then, I just went crazy turning my careful lines into dancing marks. Happy, I went to bed. Every time I awoke in the night (it is too hot to sleep), I remembered my marks and was excited to get back to the painting...and that is how it should be!

I wanted my first painting after the workshop to reflect Mr. Handell's wisdom and recommendations. "When you aren't sure what to do, do nothing. Walk away. Turn the painting to the wall for a while if you have to. Be more patient." I really did try to follow his advice.  I don't know if this painting looks any different from those of my pre-Handell days but I do know that with more careful planning, it wasn't ever in danger of being washed off and I am pleased with the result.


  1. Hey Brenda, I almost emailed it to you asking "whadayathink?" Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Barbara, You work is always beautiful...but this one shows the sensitivity that comes from careful feeling as you move through the painting. beautiful!
    PS it feels sooooo good, eh? celebrate!

  3. Yes, Beautiful! Don't do another thing to it!

  4. Just beautiful. Your painting imparts such joy. And thanks for sharing a bit of Mr. Handell's approach. I think I need to take that advice and slow down also.