Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2 with Mr. Handell

Day two with Mr. Handell, shown here with my two plein air paintings at the end-of-day critique. See each painting and his suggestions below. Students are having a great time and everyone is improving under his guidance and through watching him paint today. He is very careful and thoughtful in his work.

This is my 8 - 11:00 AM painting of wild grasses. Skies were overcast so no cast shadows. A lovely gentle area in the morning. Later, in the strong afternoon sun the grasses appeared harsh and brittle. Mr. Handell suggested added value in the right foreground to keep the area from floating away. Click on image to enlarge and look closely to see his marks made with charcoal.

Afternoon painting from 2 - 4 PM is meadow/pasture land with wheat fields in the background. The vast stubble areas of recently harvested wheat are overwhelming in the hot afternoon sun. Simplification was my goal...so much so that Mr. Handell suggested more grass detail work in the foreground. When I get back to the studio next week I'll work on these paintings and post them when they have been resolved.

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