Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in review

2011 is here and I'm excited to begin painting again after the holiday break, but I was curious what 2010 looks like in review.

I began the year with a studio clean up and posted a tour on my art journal blog. Studio Tour
2010 painting began with experimentation in mixed media and non-objective work.
It wasn't long before I found some old pastel paintings to hose off so I could use the paper for new paintings.
"Tuesday's Child" was the result of a pastel rework.
Then, I found some old oil experiments to repaint.
Suddenly, it was summer and I was back to pastel.
A trip to Carmel, California and a series of 5 x 7 abstracted landscapes followed.
I was honored to have an article, "Infinite Possibilities," about reworking pastel paintings, published in the October 2010 issue of The Pastel Journal.
In the fall of 2010, I began experimenting with mixing my own pastel grounds.
2010 ended with a series of seven pastel paintings on my hand-made surfaces.

Looking back, 2010 was a year of experimentation. While The Pastel Journal article was certainly a highlight - as were awards received, the primary achievement of the year was learning more about myself through my work and through contact with other artists and those who appreciate art. Thank you for visiting my journal and for your comments and support. Wishing you a happy new year!


  1. Alors, Excellente année 2011 avec plein de projets, d'expérimentations, et de toiles réussies!

  2. Happy New Year, Barbara! 2010 was a great year for you and hope you have a wonderful 2011, too. I'll be following along.

  3. This is a fine overview. You did a great job last year, Barbara!

  4. Just found your blog.....I love your work...very delicate and full of wonderful color!

  5. Thanks everyone. Now I'm working on taxes but I hope to paint again soon.