Thursday, January 27, 2011

my bright idea

I'm trying to jump-start my painting year. Went on a photo shoot (see two photos on my display above), then started with black and white thumbnails but my thumbnails always end up with too much line work and too much detail. My bright idea is to bring the reference photos up on my display and do tiny loose watercolor thumbnails concentrating on value, color and form. The first two were fun. I'll let you know how this goes.


  1. good idea + use of tech to help benefit your art! I'll have to try that to sometime - I find I get way to caught up in my thumbnail sketches also and instead of thumbnails - they become hand-sized sketches!


  2. I have also thought about doing this same thing. I love the fluidity of watercolors and think they could be great inspirations for pastels. I might have to try that myself.

  3. What a great practice to start! And great little paintings with big impact. I'll have to keep this in mind with my February challenge of painting 28 flowers in 28 days.

  4. The smalls are an excellent way to reduce to essence. I love it. Maybe I will try it too. Love your first examples, can't wait to see mere.