Tuesday, March 29, 2011

painful marks

Donna T asked why I decided to paint over the 2006 painting shown in my previous post. Here's the reason: when I look at the marks I made in that painting (left image), they are painful to me. Roundy, poky, stabby. I can remember the feeling and movement in making those marks. When they worked I liked them (I have a little plein air piece hanging in my bathroom with lovely sharp marks) but when they didn't work...aaarggh. The image on the right shows my current marks. Gently pulling color over color. I feel better.


  1. Hmm...I actually like them both, but they have distinctly different "feelings". I do like the soft, almost diaphanous feel to the one on the right. Nice to read about your thoughts on these.

  2. Thanks for explaining that, Barbara. I would never associate "painful marks" with anything of yours!

  3. I do love those newer smooth like thin icing marks. It's very similar to the difference between alla prima painting and indirect glazing in oil. It seems like the building matters, thin building.