Friday, April 1, 2011

rainy day vacuuming

It's a rainy, rainy day this April 1st in Washington. I vacuumed off another old 2006 painting to use the Colourfix paper for a new painting.

When I began making marks and relating shapes and colors,  I didn't intend to paint about rain or water, it just turned out that way. It is enjoyable as well as a leap of faith to begin a painting without any plans and to watch it grow into something that strikes a cord with the artist. This is the basis for the one day workshop I'll teach May 23rd at the Pastel Society of the West Coast show in Stockton, CA. Join me!


  1. Vacuming is a new idea that I haven't thought of but anyway to get that old pastel off works. I will have to try that! Will you be recommending people bring their hand vacs to your workshop? Love the reworked painting.

  2. A hand vac could be an option for those not working on Wallis but I prefer the garden hose method for a more thorough removal of pastel and for the shock factor to those who have never experienced this :). If you use a vac, use the brush head but remember to wash it before vacuuming furniture!