Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a simple act of kindness

I have been painting on this surface since yesterday morning at 10 AM when it began as a demo for a couple artist friends. When they left my studio two hours later, it looked nothing like this. In the time since then it has been washed off several times and has been poked and prodded. I even "painted" in wet pastel for a awhile with a bristle paintbrush.
Finally, in a simple act of kindness to both myself and the pastel surface, I quit working on it. I don't know why it was so hard. I think I need Spring!


  1. What lucky friends to see you work on this. It's a beauty! I have been looking at the woods along my property lately and wondering how to capture the light coming through. Your soft edges are the look I am going for.

  2. Donna, I always appreciate your comments and would love to see some of your work. Do you have a blog?

  3. No blog or website for me at the moment, Barbara. Our house is on the market so I can't even have a studio. I now have a "dining room" which we never use. Ha! When your website is up maybe I can send a few images there? In the meantime, keep inspiring me! :-)