Thursday, April 28, 2011

spring cleaning

My pastels have gotten out of control which makes me crazy. I don't pre plan the colors for each painting but I do like to find a color I have in mind when I want it so I took the time (and it does take time!) this week to reorganize. Pulled the pastels out of each section of my boxes and cleaned them in cornmeal. Then they went to paper plates to be resorted by color, value and temperature before they go back into the box. I'm almost done! This post will also be a test to see if my posts are being delivered to email subscribers. I haven't received the last two posts. I had a similar problem a year ago (same time of year too) with my previous journal blog which I finally gave up on and created this new one. I haven't done anything to my settings, the posts just quit coming. Testing...testing...


  1. I thought I had commented on the poster and the IAPS show, Barbara, but I meant to ... Congratulations! I would love to make it to IAPS someday but I would have sensory overload. The workshops,demos, the pastels to buy and bring home! You have a beautiful selection of pastels - so nice and clean too!

  2. Are these all of your pastels. I'm jealous. I have never tried cleaning mine in cornmeal. Do you just roll them in the cornmeal and it cleans them? I will have to try this. What kind of a box is this in your photo? I think I need more pastels. One can never have too many!

  3. It is lovely to see that other more accomplished, experienced, mature, etc. artists have similar problems to us "emerging" artists. Keep being real! You may or may not realize this, but you are a mentor to me and perhaps many other anonymous readers just by being yourself. I strive to have a nice studio, be organized, be in control of what I paint, know how to present myself, have systems intact, be conscious about my work, create stunning paintings, win awards, discuss my work, have credibility... You're not that much older than I am (in years) but you're light-years ahead in experience and confidence. God bless you. Thank your for being there for me, even though we don't know each other...

  4. Donna, I'd love to attend IAPS some day too.

    Debora, I think I actually have too many pastels! As I clean and rearrange them, I think to myself 'no human needs this many pastels.' Cornmeal: just empty a box of corn meal into a plastic container, drop dirty pastels in and stir them around with your gloved hand. Pastel Boxes: I think my two boxes are Dakota Art brand but I don't see them listed on their website anymore. They measure 18 x 37 inches when open. I don't use them for travel and as you may be able to see in the photo, I used foam core or gatorboard to sub-divided most sections.

    Sarah, what a nice comment! I'm so happy to know my posts are being read and are useful. Thank you!