Saturday, May 7, 2011

high country test

The second of the five paintings I brought back from a gallery yesterday was unframed this morning. This was one of the Sky View Meadow series of 2009 -  I brushed it off and began again. Now it is called High Country. It will also serve as a test to see if I will receive this post through a gmail account instead of Comcast. Thanks to all who have taken a moment to let me know that you have (or haven't) been receiving these posts in the past 3 weeks. Interesting that the people who aren't receiving it anymore are those with Comcast email addresses. Original painting is shown below.


  1. I am receiving posts of your beautiful paintings. They are truly lovely!!!

  2. It's amazing how you are able to envision such different looks when you re-do a painting, Barbara. Do you have a direction in mind when you start or do you let the painting decide? It seems that your revised paintings are usually much looser than their original versions.

  3. When I start reworking a painting, I have no idea where it will go. There is no plan. I take cues from the previous colors and shapes...what worked and what didn't. Perhaps they are looser because I have nothing to lose. It isn't a pristine surface anymore and if it doesn't work, I'll just wash it off and begin again.