Saturday, May 14, 2011

pastel demo

I was surprised and pleased to receive this postcard in yesterday's mail. If you are in the Stockton, CA area, please join me for my demo at the Haggin Museum, 1-4 PM, May 22. I'll be washing off a couple paintings and taking a leap of faith that I can turn them into successful abstracted work.

Before you leave this postcard image, take a moment to appreciate how the person who designed it related these three images. The tree in the upper right corner of my painting repeats the tree in the barn image by Kim Lordier  then the barnyard flows into the vineyard of the third painting by Dug Waggoner. To do this, images might have been cropped but I think it is a thoughtfully designed postcard - and I am pleased to be on it with these two outstanding painters.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful postcard, Barbara! I really like how "My Blue Heaven" turned out. It's almost an abstract but those trees make themselves known.