Monday, January 30, 2012

hung up

Today's painting began with an oil-wash foundation on Wallis paper. As I applied pastel, I tried to work slowly as I visualized Elizabeth Mowry nearby (more about that below). I'm pondering the foreground of this painting so I hung it up near my computer to look at it for a few days. Hopefully, I will have a revelation about what it needs.
When I took a workshop with Elizabeth Mowry last fall, her calming presence seemed to help me paint my best, in my style. I encourage you to study with her if you get a chance and here is an opportunity: The Northwest Pastel Society is hosting a workshop by Elizabeth this coming May 2-4, 2012 in Washington state. For more information, visit the NPS website.

February 2, 2012. After looking at the painting for a few days I still wasn't sure what I was going to change but I knew I couldn't leave it as it. I'm happy with it now and titled it "Lowland."


  1. Wish oh Wish I were able to get to that workshop!...... Did you use turps for your oil wash? You inspire me to get my pastels out again!!!!! There is nothing quite like the first swath of colour across a piece of Wallis...then the magic begins.

  2. I used Gamsol 100% pure odorless mineral spirits. It doesn't take much paint or mineral spirits because it is a very thin wash. Happy painting!