Monday, April 16, 2012

 For the first time, I was sad to wash off an old painting because the majority of this painting "worked". It is my eleventh rework of 2012; my quest to rid  the studio of mediocre work. Sitting atop the old painting is the little color study for the new painting.
 This is the ghost of the original painting on Wallis paper, after the hose-off. The black lines are the charcoal sketch for the new painting.
 The oil palette for the new underpainting.
The oil-wash underpainting is complete and is drying overnight, awaiting pastel.

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  1. Fastinating, we all have these in our stock, I find I am reworking or using as under painting my older works, or collaging them on a canvas to be reworked and shown without a standard from. As usual, I enjoy your design elements and color