Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm putting the finishing touches on "Last Light." This image shows a slice of the color study on the left (5.75" high) and the same area of the finished painting on the right (12.5" high). As mentioned in my previous post, the finished painting has much more detail and though I'm happy with it, the little color study has areas I prefer when comparing the two. For example, I love the blue green at the base of the fir tree in the study and for some reason I chose to play that down in the finished painting. I also like the bluer purple by the flowers in the study but I notice the finished painting is warmer there but cooler above the yellow tree. Oh, oh, I'm rambing...

I'll finish the larger painting this weekend and will post it then.


  1. Both have a beautiful sense of light, Barbara. You do the best sky holes - they really add to the feeling of intense light!

  2. Thanks Donna and Gail! I hope to post the completed painting by Sunday.