Friday, April 20, 2012

life on the edge

The working title for this piece was "Rivulet" but it ended up titled "Life on the Edge" for the stream bank and for my sanity in painting it. A difficult subject with so many elements that could be attention focal points. I had to pick and choose what to play up, what to subdue.

This painting may be my last for a while because a huge pile of garden soil was delivered today and I have a new greenhouse, big empty pots for the deck and a vegetable and flower garden waiting.

The color study for this painting is on the Daily Paintworks Auction until April 24th. I always appreciate hearing from followers and subscribers to this blog and thanks to all who comment and "like" my work on my Facebook page.


  1. Barbara, it is amazing watching you transform a washed off painting into something so nice! Happy gardening!

  2. Beautiful work...enjoy that pile of dirt, I am certain it informs the sensitivity in your art.