Friday, June 15, 2012

a change of locale

A change of pace...instead of another Pacific Northwest setting, this scene is from a road trip to California last May. I like the way the fence line divides the textures and colors of this place.

I'm enjoying working with oil paint, even the ritual of washing the brushes after each session and cleaning the palette. I plan to use photos of some of these oil studies for larger works in pastel. At the moment, these little studies are getting a grand reception on Daily Paintworks.

 Oil Study # 6 is sold


  1. This is a very nice painting Barbara. Is that a watercolor under painting? Great job.

  2. No watercolor under painting on this one. It is an oil painting - a study for a larger work probably in pastel. If I do the finished piece in pastel, it will probably have an oil wash underpainting.

  3. Oh wow, it is very pretty. I love the grasses and how soft they look and all floaty. Very nice oil.

  4. Thanks Donna. I'm painting these little oils as color studies for larger paintings and to become more familiar with oil paint. Though I wasn't aiming for pretty, it did slide over into that. Or, it could be called fluffy. : )