Saturday, July 28, 2012

lonely pastels

Look at my lonely pastels in the sad. In March I began working in oil and I just can't stop to return to my 'primary' medium, pastel. This is the block-in for an 18x24 inch oil. I get to use a big brush and my big glass palette. Maybe I should cover the pastels with something so they don't have to watch? I felt the same way when I left colored pencil for pastel a decade I was betraying a beloved medium.


  1. Barbara, I am enjoying your oils. I also enjoy your words, it encourages me. It is amazing how we both switched to oil about the same time. Your work is wonderful. It gives me hope.


  2. Barbara, we seem to be tracking the same vibe as I am playing and LOVING oils too. My first real medium at the age of 11, I am finding my pastels are getting very jealous! Have fun!