Monday, October 1, 2012


I'm still working on the two oil paintings I've been posting but this afternoon I took a detour to my pastel work station and managed to get "September Side Road" about 95% complete.

The top image shows blocking in shapes with pastel on Color Spectrum paper. The next image is after an alcohol wash and a some dry pastel on the upper half. 

The bottom image shows dry pastel applied over all. This painting is about 95% done. I'm concerned about the shape of the clouds and the shape of the light on on road. It was not intentional but maybe the shapes are too similar? I'm thinking...


  1. Thanks for showing how you did this one Barbara. It's always helpful to see how loose the beginnings are. I see what you mean about the clouds. I can imgaine the painting without them, or maybe with clouds just at the horizon. They kind of pull my eyes out of the painting now instead of back along that road. Whatever you do, it's a very nice piece!