Friday, October 12, 2012

more paint with me

Next, I selected two values of the same blue, one just a little lighter and brighter than the other.

I applied the blues to the background hillside and in the shadowy foreground. In the foreground I applied the color very lightly to add texture and interest of the previous color showing through. Here's how the painting looks with two blues added. If you're painting along with me, select two colors of your own and apply where needed. Click to enlarge.

Love this pastel pencil color! I used it for the tree branches. Do you have some detail where you might use a pencil? Note: I applied it now because the sky behind it is complete. I also applied some bright, light, cool yellow to create the little illuminated tree. And, using the same yellow and an Xacto knife, I added some sparkle by shaving a little pastel onto the painting. Place glassine over the sprinkles and press in with your palms. Sprinkling is difficult to control so you may want to remove some of it later as I will do with this painting. Use sprinkling sparingly to enhance a statement. If you use too much, it will look like a gimmick. Click to enlarge.

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