Tuesday, February 5, 2013

tomatoes continued

This is my previous post continued. I had to wipe off the foreground, all the way back to the original tomato. When I say 'had to' I mean the painting direction wasn't working. Apply paint, push it around, try to get a vision for the painting....nothing! So, I just wiped the bottom half off and began again.
This is how the little painting looks now. I'm starting to see a story but anything could happen...
Well, every hint of tomato is gone. Obliterated by lots of green oil paint in this scene reminiscent of another part of the Washington Park Arboretum, this time in spring. I wanted to utilize the red of the tomato under painting but when I didn't insist, this little painting evolved on it's own. That's OK with me, especially during these weeks of playing.

1 comment:

  1. "The Persistence of Tomatoes" :-) I like the muted, tonalist look with the peeks of red. I'll be curious to see where you take this!