Wednesday, July 17, 2013

bye bye reference photos

My last post was about painting from memory. The painting above left is a memory painting; the one on the right was painted from a reference photo. Is one method of working more valid than the other? I'm excited about what happens to a scene that has been processed through my memory. This morning, I found an appropriate quote (funny how that happens).

"I never succeed in painting scenes, however beautiful, immediately upon returning from them. I must wait for time to draw a veil over the common details." 
-Thomas Cole


  1. Barbara, what a wonderful, perfectly appropriate quote. I must save that one. I agree, I don't think one way is "better" than the other, but rather it depends, I think, on how the artist wishes to interpret the scene. More and more I'm drifting towards an illusion in my landscape pieces as it makes me feel that I can put more of "me" into the work. Your stunning work is so much an inspiration for all of us!

  2. Hi Carol, thanks for your thoughts. In the past, at a gallery reception when viewing my work with a prospective client and they ask where the scene is from, it felt better to be able to state a location. In the future, I'll be happy to identify it as memory.