Monday, September 9, 2013

looking inward

Two months ago I completed a painting titled "Long Time Passing" and mentioned at that time that I'd share the backstory in the future. The future is now so here is the link to that post as well as a link to the process and below is the backstory.
My husband and I recently purchased lake property. I painted this scene of it when the previous owner first allowed us to walk the land. At that time, the sale was uncertain and turned out to be months away. Overgrown and wild, we looked at it for years as we drove by; to finally own it is a dream come true. I want to make the property and the building of a house and studio there my priority even though that will mean painting less or not at all for awhile.

This new project comes at a time when I was questioning why I paint what I do. I lost interest in painting scenes from reference photos so I threw all my photos out. I began painting what I called "mind's-eye" scenes. They might be from my memory though I don't remember having been in these places. Maybe they are from my heart?

As part of my break from painting,  I rarely log into Facebook these days and I cancelled most of my blog subscriptions because these are sources of painting motivation for me.

Two subscriptions I didn't want to give up are Tom Weinkle and Loriann Signori because these artists provide thought provoking words of wisdom. I may not be painting but I am certainly thinking about painting. Specifically what/how/why I will paint in the future.  I am looking inward.


  1. Good luck Barbara, I will miss your paintings! I know how you feel though and you are so lucky to be making this move, we also have our perfect place but our old house still needs to be sold so I am very happy for you and a little envious too :)Leesa

  2. Thank you Leesa. I may not have new paintings for awhile but I plan to continue to post about art on this blog. Good luck on your house sale and your perfect place.

  3. Thank you Barbara! I am truly honored. Go inward, you know it is all there.

  4. Good for you, Barbara. I, too, have been inspired by Loriann's words of encouragement and wisdom. I look forward to your new future and your insightful observations. Enjoy it all, Barb!!

  5. la peinture interieure, ses reves, etre libre des vrai ame d'artiste et la peinture que j'aime..., il est difficile de ne subir aucunes influences quand on connait tant de choses, cela demande concentration pour se laisser aller à rever... un nouvel atelier, un nouveau depart.joe