Thursday, September 5, 2013

step 8 - add transparency

Step 8 - Add Transparency
To achieve the look of translucency, I hold my pastel stick so the side of the pastel, not the tip, touches the paper. In a fluid movement, I touch the pastel to the paper and drag. This gives a light layer or veil of color and when used over another color the result can be magical. In this painting, I used two complementary colors, one as the base and one as the veil. Because complementary colors intensify each other and vibrate, the yellow green veil placed over the complementary violet background seems to lift and float, adding depth to the tree foliage. 

Complete the details tomorrow... 


  1. Thanks so much for these Barbara, they are beautiful and I love your clear explanations. I have so much trouble explaining my techniques to students, you are a great teacher...Leesa

  2. I'm glad they are helpful Leesa. The text here is the translation from the French article. Not exactly as I might write it in English but I think they did a good job.