Monday, November 25, 2013

sabbatical redefined

Well...yes, I'm on a sabbatical but maybe it isn't a painting sabbatical as much as it is a pressure sabbatical. Until we finish our house building project, I'm giving up painting pressure. My galleries will be receiving fewer new works from me for awhile and I won't be entering juried shows. That takes the pressure off for painting larger pieces.

However, today I came across a few 7x5 inch oils that I started earlier in the year. And, because I'm taking art supply inventory now, I had to handle each tube of oil paint. Before I knew it, I found myself squeezing out a basic palette and PAINTING on one of the little foundations. Very fun!

Though the finished painting is small (7 x 5 inches), I consider it a finished work rather than a sketch or color study for a larger work.

Memory  Lane  |   oil  |   7 x 5 inches

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