Monday, December 2, 2013

resting and drying

Well...yes, I'm on a sabbatical but maybe it isn't a painting sabbatical as much as it is a pressure sabbatical. Until we finish our house building project, my galleries will be receiving fewer new works and I won't be entering juried shows. That takes the pressure off for painting larger pieces.

But last week, I came across some small oils from earlier this year that were left in the value foundation stage. And, because I'm taking year-end inventory of art supplies and handling each tube of oil paint in my studio, before I knew it I found myself squeezing out a basic palette and painting on the little foundations. Very fun! They are resting/drying now while I ponder them.

By the way, I'm once again adding work to my Daily Paintworks Gallery.  If a painting doesn't sell within a week on DPW, it is still visible there but I move the sale to my Etsy shop, BBNewtonART. Prices on several pieces at the Etsy shop didn't get updated but they are correct now if you'd like to take another look for an inexpensive gift for yourself or a friend.

 Memory Lane  |  oil  |  7 x 5 inches sold

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