Tuesday, March 4, 2014

on the easel March 4, 2014

I'm at it again...reworking areas that bug me in completed paintings. Two years ago this month, I completed Northwest Rain Dance. It went on to a major show (no award) and to my Oregon gallery (no sale). When I brought it home last month, I fell in love with it again, BUT...

Something about it was bothering me. Today I unframed it and reworked the skyline (I remember trying to make the skyline look like the reference photo. So much for reference photos!) I also added some detail work in the lichens and softened the lichens in the middle background. With the new, lively, dancing skyline, I like the way the more solid evenly divided trees and shoreline ribbon-shape goes across the back until it meets the delicate light lichens at the right. Much better.

Falling In Love Again  |  pastel  |  19 x 14 inches

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