Friday, April 25, 2014

three keepers

I'm back in my studio with lots of thoughts swirling around my brain. I feel big changes coming for me regarding my painting. I'll talk more about those changes soon on my Golden Years Blog. That blog is about the emotional journey of being an artist. I try to keep this Art Journal blog mainly about the painting process.

Above are the three unfinished paintings from the workshop: two low-key, one high-key. Per Qiang Huang's advice, I will not wipe them off - I will continue to paint on them and will post them again when I consider them finished.

Below is the group photo of our workshop attendees, most local but one from South Africa and one from Maryland. My image in this photo (front row, in front of Qiang) amuses me. I feel I am a totally different person now than I was in my high school Art Club group shot but apparently not if body language is an indicator. Same seated pose.


  1. Its nice, but I love your "your" way of painting, and your "your" art!!!

  2. Your work, Barbara, is so amazing! How fresh it is with bold, clean color and beautiful brushwork! You sound so excited, too, about the results of the instruction and its effect on your future painting. Can't get much better than that!!