Thursday, May 22, 2014

beginning of beginnings

This is the beginning of a new little painting called Beginnings because of the vintage baby shoe and the porridge bowl* from my childhood. I took a photo of my still life set up, printed it in grayscale, drew a big X through it as a reference to help me freehand the scene onto a toned 5x7 Ampersand panel.

Here is the first step of painting. Notice that I had to change the lace on the shoe or make the scene smaller.

This step shows simple placement of values. Tomorrow I'll continue with more local color, then modeling the objects, then bringing it all together with a little detail and concentration on the relationships between the objects. As always, the subject is the light. The objects are there to show the play of light and shadow. *Found this porridge bowl years ago at a garage sale. It is exactly as I remember the one from my childhood but this one is more beat up.

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