Wednesday, May 28, 2014

step by step

From the beginning, here is a visual step by step of "Nectarine and Cherry," 5x7 inch oil still life. This is a shot of the still life step up a few feet away from my easel. I paint from this set up, not from a reference photo. Here is a link to my lighting setup idea from Qiang Huang.

That's it for now. Taking a break.


  1. Barbara
    I take away so much from your blog.
    Could you explain your lighting setup for this still life?
    After reading your blog for awhile i want to give still life a try.I know next to nothing about lighting.Any heip will mean a lot.
    thank you

  2. Thank you Jeni. I have been pursuing the "right" light to paint under for more than a year. I installed MR-16 gallery lights over my pastel easel and now think that was a mistake. Currently, my oil painting station is lit using Qiang Huang's suggestion. Here is a link to what he says